Online marketing

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Online marketing

Online marketing

 Search engine marketing

We can help you set up advertising content, audiences and the actual execution of the advertisement.

Vi kan være behjelpelige med innhold til reklamer som logoer, bannere, innhold, om ønskelig tar vi oss av hele oppgaven inkludert reklameringen. Today it is possible to buy advertising on words and pay for every click that leads a web browser to your website.

We have reviewed Google’s rigorous certification process and have a good understanding of their tools. With this knowledge, we can help you achieve the results and analyzes you want on Google.

Contact us today so we can guide you in marketing your website.

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Online strategy for online sales

Our experienced marketing team will help you with the optimization of your company website.

We find the target group you want for the website, analyze factors that can increase relevant visits and provide a complete report. We offer Google analytics, web analytics so you can see for yourself what is being improved.

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Website optimization

Our web developers are constantly working to adapt to new technologies and use them. Our solutions are adapted to all visitors, responsive to visitors from computer or mobile. Your own company page gives you new opportunities to reach new customer groups and increase the interaction with your customers, who lead sales.

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Website design

New pages must be unique and not automated web design! Our web pages are adapted to all types of visitors and have clear and clear menus. We offer free, standard SEO optimization when we create your page. We are with you all the way from planning, publishing and further development.

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Online marketing September 30th, 2020 Aksel Lian

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