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Obvious questions – Design and development

What is a domain?

A domain is the actual URL of a page and connects the URL to your webserver. You need this to have a website. example

Can I create a website myself?

Most domain registrars offer website builder. With this you can create a simple page yourself, but the disadvantage is that you do not get the opportunity to move the page afterwards. We recommend checking out a CMS, such as WordPress.

What is best, create a new page or further develop existing site?

A website is a continuous project. It is always wise to further develop and rather reorganize data that is available and build on.

How long does it take to create a website?

On average, it takes 2-3 weeks to build a page from scratch, if the text and images are ready.

What is the operating agreement for the website?

With an operating agreement, the web provider ensures that your site is online, updated with security updates, makes back-ups and gives you support.

Do I need HTTPS on my site (SSL)?

You should definitely have SSL certificate on your site. This was standardized in 2018-2019 and most registrars offer this for free.

Why choose SEO Guider?

We offer one of Scandinavias most advanced solutions within SEO and Web development.

I have a limited budget for web site, what can I do?

Quality content is one of the most important factors for a site. Details are what makes the page visible. By preparing content yourself, and making sure your content offers useful information, you can save thousands on development, and it will be easier for us to prepare a clear website.

Where can I find images for my website?

There are many sites that offer free license images that you can use, some of these: Pixabay, wikimedia og Pexels.

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