SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Connection of the same content domains

We have a number of domains that can be used to increase the visibility of your site, in addition to this, several expired domains that are no longer in use can be connected.

Let us give you an example:

You run a workshop and have a website for it.

We buy obsolete website websites, these can be companies that have gone bankrupt or forgotten to renew their domain owners. We then link these to your existing page, then everyone who visits the old pages will come directly to you, this will at the same time increase your relevance as a workshop page for search engines.

It will then be like asking for a workshop in Oslo, and they would rather recommend you because it is closed.


Update the content of the web page

Search engines like relevant information.

If you want to get more visitors to your workshop page, content such as technical tips, repair guides, video guides and other information will push you forward in the search results.

Just as there is a difference in the quality of service, there is a difference in the content of a website. Thanks to our keen interest in how search engines work, we stay up to date with changes that have an effect on search rankings.

Real-time search is always the best advertisement for an SEO agency, and we have many clients to refer to, where their search positions are a live demo of our work.


Analysis and visit statistics of the entire website, or specific pages for improvements

We understand search engines well, and the knowledge does not come from nowhere. We have analyzed search engines like Google and Bing, and know well how the placement system works. Analysis tools are a necessity to know what needs to be improved and if nothing else give users a better experience when they visit your business page.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Google’s interest in their website

Did you know that Google Webmaster Tools shows how many times and how often Google crawler bots visit your site?

Seo tjenester og optimalisering

When a page is updated with useful information or makes a massive change, you can often see that Google’s interest in the page increases.

Google crawls the web regularly and tries to stay up to date on changes in web pages. Although Google limits the number of visits per domain, this can be hundreds of thousands of visits in a single day!

They are also good at monitoring whether the site can withstand the traffic and will limit the number of visits, if the site experiences problems loading data.


Of course, there is much more that can be done to gain web visibility

There are today a sea of ​​online marketing opportunities such as facebook and search engine advertising.

It would be almost a bit silly not to advertise online, when comparing the price paid against the result achieved.

Do not forget organic traffic volumes

Many marketers have not grasped what it means that the use of search engines has grown so tremendously. Many people find that search engines can account for well over half of the total traffic to a website, and if you disregard regular customers, then it is not uncommon to be able to get 90% of new customers to the website through search engines.

Because search engine optimization is a complicated field, there are no standard packages to suit everyone. We recommend starting with a workshop or a thorough status analysis, to map where the shoe hits, and which measures will have the greatest effect.

Contact us for a nice meeting and we can see what can be done for your website.

mer trafikk til webside

The effects of Google Adwords on good SEO

Did you know that having a well-composed website that is easy to index and navigate, advertising costs are cheaper in Adwords?

Yes, that’s right, in addition to affordable CPCs, you also get the ability to add sitelinks (menus) and rich snippets (including stars). So in its entirety, your ads get extra visibility at a lower cost!

Contact us for live examples of the above, and reduce your advertising costs on Adwords today!

Web creators have not only the understanding, but also the documentation:

adwords bedriftanalytics bedrift

We have reviewed Google’s rigorous certification process and have a good understanding of their tools.

With this knowledge, we can help you achieve the results and analyzes you want on Google.

  • Competition analysis
  • Article preparation
  • Swelling of keywords in the page
  • Blog cooking
  • Unique article writing
  • Page title recommendations
  • Social media integration
  • Keyword analysis
  • Press ads
  • Header analysis and recommendation
  • Interlinking wherever required.
  • HTML Sitemap preparation
  • Webmaster tools access
  • Analysis administrator access.




  • Website description analysis and improvement
  • Adwords and bing price analysis of key words.
  • Linking and 301 forwarding of solid domains.
  • Cleaning of unwanted back links from web pages.
  • Installation of analysis services
  • Analysis of page content for errors
  • Mobile friendliness tests.
  • Domain analysis for weaknesses and improvements


How is the search ranking for your website?

It is quite important to remember that you are not the only one who thinks of a good website. Even if you were chosen as the best website of the year when it comes to design, it does not mean that you are automatically in first place in search engines.

We know how important it is with placement on search engines, this is where most of the new customers find you, and with a good natural placement, you do not have to pay a lot of money for advertisements such as adwords. When we develop your site, we do what we can to give each page a unique page title that we believe suits your industry, but SEO services where we actually check what is being searched for, you must order as an additional service.

Can we get you in first place in search engines?

Basically yes. Your location will of course depend on the industry and at the same time your budget. Getting yourself in first place in web design and development will of course be more difficult than getting you in 1st place in the Non-profit industry.

Google Search has done a really good job of developing its search engine in recent years. Today it is much more difficult to be placed in the first place than before. The rules remain simple: Offer surfers the information they are looking for.

This has been the motto of Google for quite some time, offering applicants the information they are searching for.



Har du spørmål eller er bare nysgjerrig?

Vi vil gjerne høre fra deg!

Hva trenger du hjelp med?


Hva er SEO?

SEO står for search engine optimization. Det er også forståelsen på hvordan en nettside får bedre resultater ved søk.

Kan jeg gjøre SEO selv?

Du kan gjøre veldig mye selv. Det handler mye om å ha svaret på spørsmål som deres kunder måtte ha. Mer avansert SEO handler om koding og arbeid med å hjelpe søkemotorer forstå innhold på siden.

Hva koster SEO

SEO kan prises på flere måter. Dette kan være månedlig SEO arbeid eller fast pris på implementering av funksjoner og koder som rich snippets og rich data.

Hvorfor er SEO så viktig?

Rett og slett fordi arbeidet forbedrer nettsidens plasering på nett og at kunder finner bedriften og dens tjenester.

Hva er Rich datasnippets?

Dette er koder som er ment for søkemotorer og gjør at disse forstår innholdet på siden. Disse er utrolig effektive og kan få en side fra 10. side til 1. side iløpet av minutter.

Kan SEO skade min plassering?

Alle typer endringer, spesielt fjerning av tekst og sider kan endre plassering negativt. Det er spesielt viktig å huske på å endre og bygge på, istedenfor å fjerne.

Er bilder viktig i SEO

Bilder er visuell synlighet på nett. Disse kan også ha navn og alt tekst som beskriver tjenester. Ved riktig bruk er bilder hva brødsmulene var for Hansel and Gretel.

Når kan Seo brukes og hva er egentlig SEO?

Seo står for Search engine optimization (søkemotor optimalisering) og er kort sagt optimalisering av din nettside, slik at den er mer synlig på søk og på nett generelt.

Hvis du allerede har en webside og ønsker flere besøkende for dette, bør siden opptimaliseres, overskrifter skal forklare om emnet, sidenavn skal si litt om hva den handler om.

hvordan ha bedre plassering i google

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