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With 10 years of experience in web design and Seo, we have a deep understanding of how it all works and how everything is connected. Most importantly, is our understanding of our customers frustration and challenges in grasping IT concepts. We place great emphasis on helping you and your company in a way you understand and to find the most effective solution for your online presence. We provide websites and web solutions that you have full access to and with the guidance and help you need.

Our solutions are mobile-friendly, clear, and have an easy-to-understand navigation, professional look and with super competitive prices. With many exciting projects behind us and satisfied customers, we are definitely looking forward to having you as a satisfied customer.



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We help your company with everything within web solutions for your company. With us as a partner, you know that your site will be unique, work as expected, and delivered on time.

Responsive Websites

60% of web traffic today is from mobile devices such as tablets, mobiles and other mobile devices. Our solutions support responsive design that adapts the production of the company website for mobile devices, which provides a more clear presentation of your company page.

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  • Complete payment system for your customers
  • Online store with operating agreement for your company
  • Reservation system with advance payment
  • Electronic payment system for card payments
  • Reliable operating agreements with warranty
  • Ordering system connected to your mobile


We offer completely free analysis of your main page and offer several Search Engine Optimization packages.

You choose what your company website should look like, and we provide advice and tips to reach your target groups. See pages we have developed for inspiration.

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  • More visibility and better placement on Google.
  • Photos that clearly represent the company.
  • Email address with .no and company name, which works on mobile devices.
  • Free web hosting and domain first year.
  • The market’s most favorable support agreement for companies
  • SEO included in the development phase, which provides good ranking in the search engines.
  • SEO included in the development phase, which provides good ranking in the search engines.


Seo services are based on increasing the visibility of a website or web portal by debugging and helping search engines understand content as best as possible.

With over 10 years of SEO experience with Google and Yahoo Bing, we know how to cure your web traffic.

Web creators have a solid background and knowledge in search engine optimization, competition analysis of web pages and troubleshooting for improvements. We stay up to date with webmaster conferences and discussions.

Find out exactly what keeps your website and why you are on the 3rd page and not in the first place in the first page. Seo is like the bible for search engines with good answers.

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We are constantly working to stay up to date in web solutions and search engine changes, so we always have answers to your questions and can deliver the best within.

We use Html5, Css 5 javascript, mysql and java query to develop our web pages. Read more about web technology on our info pages. With large projects such as Omtal.no – Company database, we can tailor web solutions to your company’s needs.


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